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History of the I Street Bridge.
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Our Stories...

My Grandparents
My great-great grandparents (Marston) came to Cacheville, now Yolo in northern Yolo County around 1851 with their final resting place at Marys Cemetery in Yolo. My grandparents coming to Bryte in the early 1920s. On the other side my father came with his parents to Broderick around 1936. I grew up in the "new" subdivision of Elkhorn Village, between the two little communities, arriving there in 1950 at four years old.    Read the rest of the story by Mickey Fausett

National History Day- 1918 Influenza Epidemic
Written by Louisa R. Vessell with Photographs by John Hernandez. Read the story here.

Did you know...

Chicago, Lewis Publ. Co., 1891
"Winters, the second town in importance of the county, is of comparatively recent date. It was laid out in 1875 by the Vaca Valley & Clear Lake Railroad, and is on the line of Yolo and Solano counties. Its conditions are very similar to those of Vaca Valley, which it almost adjoins, being the outlet of Pleasant Valley, in the early ripening and marketing of its fruits and vegetables. Its early fruits are its pride in fact. It is a good business point with large shipping trade, and has ample school and church facilities, etc. It has a large fruit-drying establishment.

Davisville is an offspring of the railroad. It lies on the borders of Yolo and Solano counties, and is the point of junction of the Northern Railway with the main line of  the Central Pacific. It is surrounded by a country of orchards and vineyards, and ships to the cities immense quantities of dairy products and especially of eggs and poultry, for which it is famous. Some large raisin-drying establishments are located here. It is well supplied with schools, churches, etc.

Washington, whose postoffice name is now Broderick, lies on the banks of the Sacramento river, opposite the capital city, by which it is overshadowed. It has considerable shipping importance, but is not progressive. It is almost wholly surrounded by tule lands, but the vicinity possesses many fine orchards, etc."

Bell was first to farm in Rivers area. Fourness farmed up to the 1950's when land sold to developers. Toddhunter farmed west of line of oak trees in western boundary of Rivers area. He leased land to approximately twenty Japanese families. Japanese were interned and land sold to developers in 1950's. No history of Japanese imprisonment. There was a Japanese language school in the area of Lighthouse and Kegle.

In the early 1920's Buster Keaton made movies and stored equipment in the area directly across from the mouth of the American River.

The number 444 is very symbolic for the City of West Sacramento? Four communities (Broderick, Bryte, West Sacramento and Southport) came together in 1987 to create the fourth city (West Sacramento) in Yolo County along with Woodland, Davis, Winters. West Sacramento is the 444th incorporated city in California.

The first City Manager of West Sacramento was Gene Roh.

There is an Indian burial ground in the heart of West Sacramento.

The Patwin Indians, hunters and fishers, were the first inhabitants of the area 1,500 years ago. They lived close to the river in villages on high ground and built dome-shaped lodges of tule and mud.

West Sacramento was originally settled by immigrants from Italy, Portugal, Russia, England, Germany, Spain, other northern European countries, China and Japan.

The first bridge, a swingspan bridge made of wood that opened to permit ship traffic, was built in 1858 across the river where the I Street Bridge is today.

River City High School was originally called James Marshall High School when it opened in 1954.

Several nationally known artists attended school in West Sacramento? Harry Fonseca, painter; Steve Gillman, sculptor and Robert Dawson, photographer.

...And About WSHS

In 2008, WSHS received an award from the Sikh community in recognition of "the Sikhs in West Sacramento" extended exhibit in the Museum. The exhibit had many visitors including visitors from the United Nations and from local schools.

That in 2004 the West Sacramento Historical Society received the City of West Sacramento Community Award for Civic Leadership for Pride?

That in 2005 Jeri Hughes Wingfield, West Sacramento Historical Society board member, received the Community Award for Civic Leadership for Service?

That in 2006 Thom Lewis, West Sacramento Historical Society president, received the Community Award for Civic Leadership for Pride?

The awards were presented at the annual Mayor's STATE of the CITY ADDRESS sponsored by both the city and the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. A big round of applause for the historical society, Jeri Hughes Wingfield and Thom Lewis.


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